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Our CSR approach

At Nano we are a bit like the spiritual children of Patagonia, Cotopaxi and all these brands that are moving the industry towards more coherence. We do everything to ensure that our products have the least impact possible, and that they remain accessible to all those who want to work outside. We explain everything to you on this page.


Nano is a tool for reconnecting to our external environment, to natural light, to the song of birds, as well as to the infinite wonders that Nature has created for us. Our mission is to reconnect the digital worker to their external environment, and more broadly to put everyone outside!


Our vision is not videoconferencing with a virtual reality headset. It is a vision of work balanced between digital and the environment, in which Nature must take a central place in daily decisions.

Cours de yoga en plein air
Fils de coton
Fils de coton


We have been product designers for 20 years. We know that it is the raw material that represents the biggest carbon impact. This is why our 2023 range is made up of a fabric 100% from recycled cotton or bottles. Recycled cotton is a crucial choice environmentally (large pool of waste available) and socially (conditions in cotton crops).

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Sustainability & Repairability

Although your Sun Shade has been tested by our most demanding customers, it may need to be repaired. Our shelter is made up of separable parts and therefore more easily repaired. Contact us for spare parts, that’s what we’re here for!

Abri soleil télétravail

Where is Nano produced?

Mr. Zhang is a brilliant genius who has been with us for more than 20 years on the development and production of Outdoor products. Located in Tianjin in China, we visit him every year to organize production with his Dream Team of curious jacks of all trades but above all friends!

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