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Corporate Offer

As more and more meetings and work tasks take place outdoors and remote working becomes more common, screen visibility is becoming a major challenge for many businesses.


To meet this growing need, we are delighted to offer you our innovative solution: the portable sunshade for Nano screens.

Our sunshade is specially designed to provide optimal visibility of your screens, whether during outdoor meetings, presentations in the field or simply when teleworking from a sunny terrace!

By investing in our portable screen shade, you enable your employees to work efficiently from anywhere, while protecting their visual comfort and improving their productivity. In addition, by promoting a flexible work environment adapted to current needs, you demonstrate your commitment to the well-being of your teams and your desire to adopt innovative solutions.

Eco-designed, this teleworking equipment is the perfect trendy corporate gift!


Contact us today to find out how this teleworking essential can meet your specific needs (grants, corporate gifts, personalization, etc.) and improve the work experience of your employees.

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