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5 bonnes raisons por travailler dehors
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Abri soleil télétravail

5 good reasons to work outside

1. Improved health:


Working outdoors can help improve health by increasing exposure to sunlight and its natural light, which can regulate melatonin levels, improve mood and strengthen the immune system. Just that !

2. Creative stimulation:


The outdoor environment can provide different visual and audio stimulation that can inspire new ideas and perspectives. Several associations promote external brainstorming, such asoutdoorofficeday For example.

3. Increased productivity:


Working outdoors can help you focus and relax, which can increase productivity. Talk to your boss about it!



4. Stress reduction:


Working outdoors can help reduce stress by increasing exposure to nature and providing a calmer environment than the traditional workplace. Additionally, cortisol levels (the stress hormone) decrease after just 20 minutes outside!



5. Reconnection to Nature:


Our favorite because that's the meaning we give to this laptop sunshade project... what if your decisions at work were influenced by the song of birds, the touch of grass, the view of a vegetable garden or the feeling of the sun's rays?

Ultimately, working outdoors can provide many benefits to health, productivity and well-being, which can improve the quality of work life. 

Commen mieux voir son écan dehos
Abri soleil télétravail

How to see your screen better in the sun

You want to breathe a little outside, listen to the sounds of Nature, clear your mind but just outside behind your laptop screen you have to go inside because it is impossible to see your screen in direct sunlight or your computer laptop overheating! There are several solutions when you are outside to view your screen. 

1. Increase the screen brightness:

This is what everyone would be tempted to do for outdoor work but even in average brightness, the laptop saturates very quickly and consumes a lot of battery which tends to make it heat up even more in full. sun.

2. Finding shade:


When possible, but when you are facing the sun the shade of a parasol may not be sufficient and for the most nomadic, we do notconceived not really carrying your parasol everywhere with you!

3. Install a mini reflector:


You will find small mini sun visors for laptops on the market. They do not prevent the computer and its battery from overheating and do not protect you from the sun. You will then need sunglasses in addition to your sun visor but you will see less of your screen. Fairly compact, of course, but don't prevent your papers from flying away if there's a little summer breeze...

4. DIY sunshade! :


Go search the web, there are some really DIY enthusiasts among us who have tried to make a laptop sunshade out of cardboard on their own!


5. The Nano sun shelter:


Our computer sunshade, compact like a small umbrella, deploys in one gesture and offers you a shade large enough to protect you in direct sunlight, create shade on your computer and make your screen visible while protecting you from the sun. wind.

Les indispensables pou travaillre exterieur
pare soleil travail exterieur ordinateur

The essentials for working outdoors

We have selected our favorites for you to create a nomadic outdoor office, without compromising on the ergonomics and performance of your workstation:

1. The BILY lamp, 

Designed in France by Eric Berthes, Bily is a multifunctional lamp, offering 3 light intensities. Designed to accompany you in your little everyday pleasures and perfect on the back of your laptop to create indirect light or illuminate your face during a video. Bily is battery-free and plugs into your laptop USB.

to their website

2. The NANO sun shelter,

This sun visor protects you from the sun and wind and maintains good visibility of your screen. Attachable to any type of table, it is super compact once folded and can be stored or taken anywhere, even to work outside in the craziest places!

discover the range



3. The MH500 insulated Quechua INOX mug,

To drink your favorite drinks in complete safety, this insulated and anti-scald stainless steel mug. 0.38L will be your faithful companion. Very useful outside because drinks cool faster when working outside.

to their website

4. The WIFI repeater,

A WiFi repeater is an electronic device that extends the range of an existing wireless network. WiFi repeaters are often used in homes where the WiFi signal is weak or non-existent in certain parts of the property. By using a WiFi repeater on the outlet closest to your field office, it is possible to extend the range of the WiFi signal without having to install new cables or change the existing network configuration.

5. The ACTIVE BASE ergonomic stool,

Intended for adults and children who wish to correct their posture when sitting, particularly when working from home. This stool corrects posture against back pain, and cervical and lumbar pain.

to their website

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pare soleil travail exterieur ordinateur
Endroits insolites pour télétravailler
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Unusual Teleworking: Discover unexpected places to boost your productivity

Telecommuting offers the flexibility of working from anywhere, so why limit yourself to the daily routine of a home office ? Explore the unusual world of remote working with these unexpected places that can spark your creativity and make your workdays more exciting.

1. Themed Cafés

Immerse yourself in a themed café for an extraordinary remote working experience. From cat cafes to sci-fi cafes, these places offer aunique atmosphere that can energize your workday. Our most compact computer sunshade measures 52cm x 66cm and fits fairly large coffee tables.

2. Hidden Libraries


Explore lesser known or hidden libraries in your city. The old books and the quiet atmosphere can be a great source of inspiration for your professional projects. The Nano sunshade also protects your privacy, take advantage of it!

3. Outdoor Co-working Spaces

Look for outdoor co-working spaces in parks or public gardens. Connect with nature while staying productive. Don't forget to put our sun visors in your bag to protect you from the sun's rays!

4. Museums and Art Galleries

Change your work environmentby visiting museums or art galleries. Artistic inspiration can spark creativity and improve your productivity.

5. Terraces with View

Work from sunny terraces with panoramic views of the city. An inspiring view can make your workdays more enjoyable.

6. Holiday Accommodation

Book vacation accommodation for a remote working getaway. Whether it's in the mountains, the beach or a quaint small town, a change of scenery can have a positive impact on your motivation.

7. Ephemeral Coworking Spaces

Look for temporary co-working spaces or pop-ups. Some locations offer shared desks for a day, providing a unique working experience.

Remote working doesn't have to be limited to a traditional office space. Explore these unusual places to add variety to your work routine. Take advantage of this freedom to work from anywhere to boost your productivity and stimulate your creativity!

Comment se faire rembourser ses équpements de télétravail

How to get reimbursed for your teleworking equipment?

Teleworking often requires specific equipment, and you may be eligible for reimbursement for these expenses. To date, there are no specific regulations in France regarding compulsory reimbursement of teleworking equipment.


However, companies in France can put in place agreements with their employees regarding the reimbursement of costs related to teleworking. Here is a brief guide to help you:


1. Understand your company's refund policy

Check your employee handbook or contact human resources for your company's specific rules.


2. List your equipment needs

Make a detailed list of all the equipment needed for your work from home. This may include a desk, ergonomic chair, laptop, extra monitor, headphones, computer sunshade, etc.


3. Get Quotes


If you need to purchase items, get quotes to support your refund request.


4. Explore tax benefits


Check local tax regulations to see if telecommuting expenses are tax deductible.

By following these simple steps, you will maximize your chances of receiving reimbursement for essential teleworking equipment. Stay informed about possible changes in refund policies and tax regulations.

Les atouts d'un pare-soleil por ordinateur
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pare soleil travail exterieur ordinateur

The advantages of the Nano sunshade

The Nano sunshade is not a product like any other and we explain why:

First of all this shelter isvery spacious and create a real sheltered work space. Light and sun are a major nuisance if you want to have an effective time working outside.

Herdeployment is very simple and is done in a single gesture. Unfold the product on the table then press its center and pop! it's ready, and it's exclusive for Nano.

We designed it with very opaque fabrics to makeyour screen visible even in bright outdoor light.

This sun shelterattaches to any type of table to allow you to shelter from the wind under a solid shelter. The 2 straps go under the table and the adjustment is very simple. 

From 2023, the models are eco-designed and their fabrics come from recycled plastic bottles or 100% cotton.

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